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September 5, 2010

Help Desk Analyst (HDA)

Program Title: Help Desk Analyst (HDA) Program

Industry: Business

Description:  The Help Desk Analyst Program is a professional credentialing program for analysts working on a help desk.  The Help Desk Analyst Certification Program allows the professional to demonstrate expertise and proficiency in all areas of Help Desk Analysis.

Quote From Website:  “Today’s successful support centers must embody a high standard of service excellence and a clear operational vision that is closely aligned with larger organizational goals. The help desk analyst is the backbone of the support center. Analysts that deliver excellent service and support and demonstrate an understanding of overall organizational goals will help to ensure the support operation’s success within the organization. The HDI Help Desk Analyst (HDA) Certification training program provides help desk and support center professionals with the tools, techniques and skills to achieve success as front-line analysts, leverage career development opportunities, and understand the difference between support operations that merely function as a business unit and those that make a positive impact on the organization as a whole. With HDI’s HDA Certification training, support professionals are empowered to transform the support operation from a cost center into a productivity center that enhances the organization’s overall effectiveness.”

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